We are always looking for that antidote that will help us live a little longer. A Sydney University may have just found the answer… and it’s simpler then you think.


A Look At Our Diet

A recent study from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, suggest that maybe our life span can be extended by a simple change in diet.
The study has found that in order to increase our longevity we should be consuming a diet that is lower in protein and higher in carbohydrates.

Testing a range of different dietary options the case found that diets with higher carbohydrate intake had the best energy content and enhanced late life health; including better blood pressure, better cholesterol, a better glucose tolerance, as well as a lessened chance of contracting diabetes.

As many of us know carbohydrates are ultimately an essential factor in a well balanced diet, as they are an essential energy source for many of our organs and internal systems.
However, in recent years the word “carbohydrate” has carried with it the negative connotation of  “weight gain” because there is the reoccurring belief that the intake of carbohydrates is a direct cause of body fat. This is obviously not the case, as weight gain is normally the cause of excess of kilojoules rather then the intake of a specific food source.


A Healthy Diet, a Longer Life!

We should be more aware of what we consume and carbohydrates should always be included as part of a healthy diet; So make sure carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta a part of your regular diet along with protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
By combining a well balanced diet with moderate exercise we can live, not only a healthier life, but a longer one too!!