What comes to mind when you think about Donuts?

‘Glazed, ring, filled, iced, sprinkled, sugared, colourful, flavoured, or simply… HAPPINESS!’




Whether it’s an image of Homer Simpson drooling over his love affair with donuts or the frequent image of Police Officers enjoying donuts during their coffee breaks, the never wavering popularity of Donuts is something to marvel at!

Homer and Donut

We wait in lines, walk long distances, or go on day trips for them, and carry them home like trophies!
Donuts are not just a fad! They have an interesting history that spans many decades. There is even a “National Doughnut Day” celebrated in the United States on the first Friday of June. This started in 1938 to honour The Salvation Army’s ‘doughnut girls’ who served donuts to soldiers during World War 1. Hundreds of doughnuts were also given to immigrants who travelled to America at the time, cold & hungry from the journey overseas.

Guinness World Records have also been made with Donuts, including:
* The tallest stack of donuts: measured 110.5 cm & included 1764 donuts.
* The largest box of donuts: weighed 135 kgs.
* The fastest time to eat a Jam Donut : 33 seconds.
* The longest line of donuts: 561.4 m.
We don’t need more reasons to enjoy the donut! We’re just grateful someone came up with the idea!
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